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7 Braga Sports became a reality in the life of those who dream about professional accomplishment and excellence. The company targets at the management of football athletes and coaches, providing all the necessary support in marketing, press advisory, legal and financial advisory.

Having ethics, transparency and uprightness as the north, and, of course, the tireless pursuit of excellence in the service provided, the young company is already respected in the market, not only for the transactions of athletes and coaches at national and international level, but also for its conduct towards customers and other professionals with whom it relates.


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Fábio Braga

Managing partner. Dedicated his entire life to football. He has played in important Brazilian clubs and abroad. Besides carrying titles in his baggage, he conquered the confidence of all with whom he had the pleasure to work. Kwon for his true personality, he seeks in this challenge, the excellence in customer service, with a fair line of work and merit in relation to those who choose 7 Braga as a partner.

Throughout his short career as an intermediary / career manager for athletes and soccer coaches, Fabio collects specialization courses in the area, such as the Football Management of CBF, some Workshops linked to the sports center, among others. including in one of them, invited to participate in the roundtable alongside other successful intermediaries and managers.
 In spite of the short time spent working with the company, it has carried out significant transactions on the national and international scene. The work continues.

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Lucas Trindade

General partner. All his life was outlined by sports, particularly by football. He is a lawyer, postgraduate in sports law, with several extension courses in the area. His ambition is to search for excellence in the development of projects related to the company and to provide the best legal support to its athletes.

Throughout the time of work in front of the 7 Braga Sports, Lucas specialized even more in the area of ​​intermediation / management of careers in favor of the best service to be provided by the company.
 Including in the curriculum the course of Football Management of CBF and several Workshops related to soccer and some more precisely focused on the legal area of ​​sport.
 In spite of the short but intense time of work, he has already registered several transfers of athletes and coaches in national and international scope. The work continues.



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Marcos Aurélio S. Lopes

Professor of Physical Education, postgraduate in administration and sports marketing. Former professional soccer athlete, with a passage through Fluminense, where he was also coordinator of attracting base athletes for the club. Specialist in identifying talents and pointing out the main individual technical valences of each one, both at the base and professional level.

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Bruna Câmara

Financial manager, with experience in several large companies on the national scene, with Honda as a pillar, she masterfully performs the organizational and administrative role of 7 Braga Sports. Responsible for integrated business logistics for customers, all this individual and detailed management that is demanded of us goes through it.

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Marcos Benjamin

Graduated in Journalism and Marketing. He was press advisor for professional football at Fluminense Football Club from 2011 to 2016, being Brazilian and Carioca Champion for the club in 2012. At the end of 2016, he founded La Marca Comunicação e Assessoria, having as clients players of the highest level of football. Expertise in crisis management.


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